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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hello my are we all? So this is what I wore on Sunday, but unfortunately I could only post it today *sigh*.  I changed my hair to cornrows, yay! Gosh, I love this hairstyle, a lot, firstly because it's so African, and secondly 'cause it brings out my face. I used purple and black attachments, to enhance the beauty of my cornrows.
Remember in my last post, I talked about good weather...unfortunately though on Sunday, the weather was crappy. It ruined my pictures :(. I just had to take some pictures inside and outside therefore you can notice a difference in the picture quality. I don't know why the weather won't just allow me to be great.
This outfit features an oversize vintage blazer, cream shirt, mint green skinny jeans and a cover toe heels sandals.

 One of the best things about blazers, is that they can work in almost any environment and they have the ability to change the tone of your outfit.
 This outfit can be worn to an official gathering, to work, for lunch...
 Skinny jeans could be worn with anything...
 Some people find it difficult to wear colored jean apart from blue, but I think it's actually very interesting and fun to try on something new.
 A shoe has so much more to offer than just a walk. 
 You have to have fun with your hair. Play with it, it's a great accessory. You're never fully dressed without great hair. 
 Skinny jeans is a great way to contour your shape, perfect for showing off shoes and are also versatile. 
I decided to go for big glass earrings to compliment the hairstyle. 

I'm so grateful to everyone supporting me. Thank you guys so much. Don't forget to comment and share with your friends. xxxxxxxxxx

Cream shirt- Primark
Oversized Vintage Blazer- Outlet Store
Jeans- A gift from a friend
Covered Toe Heeled Sandals- Kari Plastinina
Purple Lipstick- Zarron (Distinct)
Earrings- Mattiz
Bag- H & M

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  1. love your style

  2. I loved the look! <3

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  3. Am genuinely chuffed for you babe. It's good to see someone have a unique and exquisite take on fashion. Just like they say, it's not about what you're wearing but it's about how you wear it. You got really nice way of combining clothes. Well done hun:)

  4. I tink i prefer d pics witout d blazers..... Nice outfit anywaiz


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