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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Howdy... I would like to apologize for not posting during the week, I actually had pediatrics, so I had to really put my head down. The weather this week was just fabulous, it was weirdly warm  'cause Ukraine has extreme weather. So that made my life semi-easier. 

So, back to the outfit. I spent my summer holidays in Nigeria, so during the final shopping with my mum, we entered a store and my mum saw this dress, I didn't like it at first, but I remembered my younger sister told me that I should always say yes, if I'm ever asked whether I want something. So that's how this dress became mine. But isn't this dress just beautiful? It reminds me of something from the 60's. It's just so delicate! 

I styled my hair in a vintage kind of way with the help of bobby pins because I didn't want anything dropping. An advice to my ladies, your hair is your pride so make sure it looks great always. 

 Nude and orange is a perfect combination. Nude for one, is a subtle color but it's also classy and elegant. Both colors together gives a feminine and delicate look and adds quality to an outfit, if worn rightly. 
 I decided to go for a mild make-up look. This lipstick gives me life! It completed the look. It's a matte lipstick called Taupe which is by Mac. For my eyes, I used the Sleek sunset palette.

 These shoes were a gift and I've had them for a long time, and they are really high. The heel is 7.5 inches (wow), and I love the fact they are nude.

 The accessories I used to tie this whole outfit together a bold suede earring, and this Egyptian bracelet.   
 You are never fully dressed without smile...
 Wearing nude is a new and refreshing alternative to wearing all black. 
 A metallic belt is an essential piece for ever can be used to add 'glam' to your outfit. You can get something similar here.

In conclusion, I love this outfit, I love the dress, I love the hair, I love the makeup...I just love everything. Thanks for stopping by. xoxooo

Dress- Outlet Store
Metallic Belt- Reserved
Egyptian Cuff- Ebay
Earrings- Outlet Store
Ring- Bershka 

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