All Black + Fur

Monday, December 22, 2014

Wearing black means you don't have to worry about matching colors, black flatters every skin tone and wearing all black is sophisticated.
To mention, black is sexy and its not a sad color.
Black is the most slimming of all colors.
Its the most flattering color.
Black can be worn at any age.
On the blog today is a combination of all black outfit and a touch of fur.

 Wearing black makes anybody look mature and it works for every season.
The main advantage of fur coats is that they provide significant warmth especially during the cold season.
 Smile always 
 Happy Child
 The writing on this T-shirt is funny but has some truth in it in the sense we have to power to make decisions concerning our lives. 
 My love for short hair can't be contained
 A girl should be two things :classy and fabulous."Coco Chanel"
 To every girl, lady or woman out there, you're a Queen in your own way and as such be treated as one 
 Bags are like friends ,you can never have too much. Talking about a medical student,there are countless times where I studied throughout the night and this resulted in me having bags under my eyes but this assures me that my future is even brighter.

You have to fight through the bad days in order to earn the best days (motivational quote)
Take care and stay blessed..

Fur Jacket: Outlet store
T-shirt: Cropp
Bag: Hermes (gift from mum)
Shoes: Gift 
Chunky neckpiece: Mattiz
Black Jeggings: Outlet store
Wrist Watch: Rolex
Ring: Bershka

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  1. Amazinnnnggg!!!!!! Flawless as always

  2. Lovely outfit, the faux fur is beautiful and really complements the look!

  3. I look too good in this jacket. Very nice jacket, perfect for the cold winter and at the same time gives you an incredible style with anything you. Quilted Jacket Men


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