Bright as a butterfly

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I love African prints especially fabrics that capture your attention. This dress has a lot going on its captivating and the details give me life.

I got this dress last summer in d popular Lagos market when I was shopping for school but I did not get to wear it in Ukraine because of the weather conditions and I'm glad I was able to wear it in Nigeria because it's not as cold as Ukraine and I came home for the holidays. When I saw this dress I could not take my eyes off it and as a matter of fact, it was bigger than me but I made up my mind to adjust it. Glad I purchased it.
Really don't how to explain the style/design of the dress who cares anyways it's just cute and that's all that matters but I think it looks like a butterfly or maybe not can't really say. I decided to complete the look with a blue gladiator sandals and that's because one of the colors on the dress is blue. My sandals was a gift.

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  1. Cute. Have this dress in pink but av never worn it cos I feel old in Love the sandals btw

    1. Actually felt the same way lol :) thanks love :)

  2. Nice dress dear. i'm following you on bloglovin, kindly follow back

  3. Très jolie et le look très originale:)

  4. Looking pretty Lady.Love those details and vibrant colors.african ankara print |
    sequin fabric | african print


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