Thursday, January 29, 2015

If theres one thing I do to feel better it is to smell good.Recently, I have been having this urge to invest in perfumes.

For me,perfumes have so many advantages and here are some of the following:
  • Boosts your mood: Everyone has their up's and downs and for me when i get a good whiff of perfume, it instantly creates a pleasant aura 
  • Boosts your confidence: It's like when you know you look good, and you just have this boldness in yourself. Smelling good, is the same...
  • Increases attraction : Some people are attracted to others because of how they smell.To me someone who smells bad has a bad personality trait :( and who knows your spouse/future partner might be someone who is in love with perfumes so u can attract him/her smelling good at first sight .Its not always love at first sight so its definitely something you should invest in.
  • Smell good : You dont get to pollute the atmosphere or spoil other peoples mood and you have this assurance that no matter what you do you smell good.
These are some of my favorite perfumes and my go-to perfumes also.They have amazing scents.
from L-R Gucci Premiere by Gucci, Simply Cotton by Mary Kay, Daisy Eau so fresh by Marc Jacobs.
  I feel this is one perfume every lady should have.Apart from the fact that the packaging is attractive,the scent bursts with the flirty scents of flowers and the cheerful sweetness of fruits.
 This is latest investment and its so so so amazing.It was love at first sight .The fragrance opens with the luxury and exuberance of a vintage champagne,feminine laced with a magnetically sensual modern musk.
 This is my everyday Uni perfume .Marykay has some nice collections and I was persuaded to get this.No regrets ever :)

Hope this was helpful.Tell me what you think or which perfumes you love I could check them out and who knows it can be my next investment :)

Just be on the look out because something exciting is coming up soon 

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  1. how much is simply cotton by mary kay

    1. Hey dear approximately 25$ I think . I got it in Ukrainian currency I have had it for a while

  2. Replies
    1. And that was because of dollars increase when I got it

  3. Does the daisy last for a long time?

  4. Love your blog. Great post.

    I think we should follow each other .

  5. Hi dear, you've got a nice collection and does the Mary kay simply cotton last long on the body as you said it's your everyday fragrance and it says eau de toilette on the picture? xx

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