Friday, January 02, 2015

Hello darlings...happy new year, this is my first post of 2015. This outfit was designed and made by my pretty and talented friend, Tolu Sivebukola of TSB DESIGNS. She's also a medical student in Ukraine. I didn't have to chose any style because I trusted that she'd come up with a fabulous design and she did! To mention, Tolu was one of the people that supported the idea of me blogging and I'm grateful for that. 

The pattern part is called Ankara, which is an African pattern. The plain white and pink Ankara combination is a flawless one. For me, this outfit is one that turns heads because it's really captivating. 

 Onto my make-up...a smokey eye and my lips is a combo of CandyYumYum by MAC, and Distinct by Zaron. A goldy colored eyeshadow tear duct, was done to illuminate my eyes.

 Being a three piece outfit..You can wear the jacket with a crop top..obviously not now because of the weather but in summer. I will definitely style the jacket in a different way.
 I have loved dressing up for as long as I can remember...The thought of thinking of different outfit gives me joy, its an opportunity for me to always be creative 

 Please let's appreciate my love for brooches, it's actually been one of my favorite accessories this season
Pumps :Truffle (get similar here)
Ankara Fabric :DaViva
Egyptian Bracelet :Ebay
Ring :Gift
Brooch :Gift

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  1. Am in LOVVVVVVVEEEE.... very unique and flawless outfit. happy new year to you

  2. This is really gorgeous! Its flattery in its on way! I like!

  3. I love how the make up blends reall good with the outfit. Happy new year dear.


  4. Daz....Kul. Looking kinky babybaby.

  5. Nice am a brooch lover too stylebyprecious.blogspot.com follow back

  6. very nice outfit.

  7. Its really colorful, looking so beautiful. these print fabrics and design is great.. these fabrics are African Wax Print?


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