Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. Happy Saint Valentine's day everyone and I hope y'all are having a wonderful day so far. There is no excuse to be bored because you can take yourself out, do exciting new things, which doesn't have to depend if you have a lover or not. As for me, I had a pre valentine outing yesterday night with my friend and gosh it was so amazing. Haven't really had that kind of fun in a long time because I'm always busy with church and school. So, we went to swim, we were relaxed in a jacuzzi, spa treatment and lots more. It was an evening to remember.
Today I felt like having Mc'Donald's chicken nuggets so I dressed up and went out with my friend Oge and I decided to take pictures for the blog. I have always wanted this flower head piece but it's either too small or I don't like the colors but guess what my friend got this red one for me which is actually perfect for today.

So here's a little story before I bought my nuggets, I took my pictures and there were a lot of people trying to disturb my shoot because I took the pictures in the city centre. Everyone was just looking lol I felt like a celeb with my heels, long hair and headpiece. There were chairs where I took my pictures so some people were seated gisting, eating and also watching me take pictures. We were almost done taking pictures then we saw a couple very cute and the guy gave his girl a love shaped ballon which I used in my pictures. It was so beautiful so my friend ran to borrow it for me lol so we laughed said "borrow pose". The girl was really sweet that she released it for me to use. Thanks to them for making it possible to use their balloon because I didn't think of it.

  I love you all and I really mean it.Thanks for always showing me love
My hair is a wig which I got from a friend I really love the length, curls and texture.
Matching headpiece and lipstick 
Got my face beat by myself :)

Was just too happy when I was taking my pictures. Oh happy day!
 Till my next post.
Dress: Ebay
Blazer: Primark
Shoes: Asos
Neck piece: Mattiz
Bracelet: Ebay
Hair: @reflections_beauty1 on Instagram 
Head piece: Random Store

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  1. Agree with the word "actually perfect for today". Beautiful!

  2. [ Smiles ] Happy Valentine's Day!

    You look rather beautiful in that black dress; great outfit!

  3. you look so gorgeous with that outfit — would be great if your loved one was in the picture too :P

  4. Beautiful
    Love the makeup and that head piece is amazing


  5. Super outfit. I love the story about how you got the balloon.


  6. I saw this on the gram princess, you look stunning. why won't people stop and stare though :) awwh stories of we bloggers though, people will disturb your shoot as always, sometimes with compliments and conversations.

    The Cocopolitan


  7. Lovely head piece..you looked amazing dear!

  8. You look stunning!


  9. You look amazing in that gown :)


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