Poncho To Cape

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring is finally coming to life, and I love it. I am excited to pack away my big winter coats, boots, scarfs and gloves... 
This is my first poncho, I gladly welcomed it to my wardrobe. I purchased it when I traveled, I didn't have to think about it twice and I'm sure you can see why. Interestingly, capes/poncho are trending...although I don't agree with hustling to try and keep up with what's trending, I strongly recommend that every girl should own either a cape or poncho as they are similar and give similar looks. 
Onto my hairrrrrrrrr, braids are just so (what's the word) maybe all-purpose? You can do almost anything with braids. It look me literally five minutes to arrange my hair would you believe? 

I would like to squeeze here that this look, is kinda monochrome, it's another way to wear monochrome!

For my makeup, I used silver eyeshadow and my fav all time lipstick Ruby Woo by MAC COSTMETICS.

Its my friend's birthday today hurrayyyyyyyyy. She takes all my pictures and has been supportive. I wish her every good thing life has to offer because she's amazing and she deserves the best. Happy birthday Ijadola Deborah. Cheerss!!!

Till my next post....xoxo

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  1. You look gorgeous dear!
    love the poncho.

  2. Been contemplating getting a cape., guess I'd just do that now. Something with Colour of course as I am the candy girl. Lol!

    Your braids are packed so fiercely. Loves it. 👊

  3. Lovely
    Beautiful hair...love the way u styled it



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