Monday, April 13, 2015

I have been missing in action and I really apologize for my absence. I was really busy this past week and I had a lot going on but I am glad its all over now. How are we all doing? I am very fine and I thank God for the gift of life. Happy Easter from Ukraine(today is their Easter).
This outfit was what I wore on Easter Sunday to church. Easter signifies the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and to me, its the most important holiday for Christians  because its about who we are.
 I got this jacket when I traveled to England. I couldn't take my eyes off it and buying it was also inspired by the popular TV series personality Olivia Pope of Scandal. At a point, I couldn't decide which particular color to  pick because they were all beautiful but the lady in the store convinced me to pick the color white and I did. Was worth it. I spiced up the outfit with my chunky necklace and my fur leopard clutch bag. It seems like I have been doing a monochrome series lately lol but trust me its not intentional. There's just something about the combination of black and white. I'll also like to mention that Olivia is known in Scandal as a fashion trendsetter.

 I would recommend that every lady should have a jumpsuit in her wardrobe.

 For my lips, I used Sleek's matte lippy "Exaggerate"

God has been so good to me and my family and he deserves all the glory honour and adoration.
Tell me what you guys think about this outfit and how did you spend your easter? I'll love to know.

I am also sorry for posting this late.

Jacket: Random Store
Jumpsuit: Kira Plastinina
Neckpiece: Mattiz Accessories
Clutch: Gift (Pull & Bear)
Shoes: Gift (Ebay)

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