Shades Of Blue

Monday, April 20, 2015

       My family is a testimony of God's greatness, mercy, favour and love. Have you for once looked back at your life and realize God has been Good??? Let us learn to give thanks to God no matter how small it is because, He's the reason we are alive today and it's a wonderful testimony.
      This post was delayed because of some reasons. I love this outfit very much because of the different shades of blue. It's also different from my other outfits because I have never combined different shades of one colour.The color blue is the color of trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty based on psychology. I wore this outfit to church last week Sunday. The top is a floral shortsleeve shirt. Completed the outfit with an oversized/boyfriend  blazer, platform heels and skinny highwaist stretchy pants. This blazer is appropriate to wear with anything and it adds a flair of sophistication to your outfit when you wear it. I also think it's a wardrobe essential for every lady. You can get a black or navy blue boyfriend blazer because, they are neutral colors and would complement the rest of your outfit or wardrobe.


  1. Wear with a mini dress
  2. Wear it with jeans
  3. Wear it with trendy leggings 
  4. Wear it with basic tee
  5. Wear it with shorts 
  6. Wear it with stylish shoes and jewelry 
  7. Spice it up with a scarf or tie 
  8. Wear with slacks 
  9. Layer it with cardigan, t-shirt, scarf and jewelry 
  10. Wear it with a formal dress or blouse.
I hope this would be of help if you have one and have been thinking of how to rock it! ;)

Thanks for visiting.

Blazer: h&m
Shirt: Gift
Pants: Ali express
Shoes: Ebay
Bag: Primark
Brooch: Gift
Shades: Oodji

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