Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hey guys, I apologise for not updating the blog last week. My absence was due to preparations for a just concluded prayer summit; I will share the pictures later but I must say the program was amazing. Our God is awesome and there is no impossibility with him....all we have to do is give him our all, believe and work with Him
So unto my outfit. There's this maturity about the plaid material. I love the pattern  and the color is beautiful. I decided to keep my shirt and shoes calm. Plain and pattern/plaid is a very wonderful combination. My belt also had a cool design that complemented the outfit.

I was able to take pictures with my very good friend Samuel :)
Thanks for being a good friend

On that fateful day, the sun was out and it was so cool. We went to the city centre to take pictures and the city centre was too busy :( that's why you will see some kids in my background. The struggle to take pictures without the kids appearing was so real.

Thank you for visiting

Skirt: Gift
Shirt: Oodji
Collar brooch: Primark
Shoes: Kari
Belt: Centro

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