Monday, May 18, 2015

 When you talking about something you love doing...what comes to your mind? Well for me, one of the first thing that hits my mind is having a photo shoot. There is just something ravishing about it. The freedom and the space is actually special because usually when I take my usual pictures outside my posture is restricted.

 So, my portfolio pictures came in a few weeks back and this was my favorite look of all the outfits. I am in love with the ripped oversize jeans. They are trending at the moment. Jeans are very versatile. You can make them look casual, formal, classy etc..
I enjoy taking pictures daily, having photoshoots and working with different people. It's a great experience. I am always camera ready...

My photographer is an amazing lady. I love all her work. She's Ukrainian.

Shirt: Cropp Town
Jean: Random store
Hat: Kari
Bag: Gift 
Shoe: Ebay
Shades: Mr Price

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  1. I love them all
    Too much swag

  2. I love them all
    Too much swag

  3. I love the casual and oversized look!!! The last picture is slaying!!!

  4. Really slaying. I love the fact that u wore this hair style on the oversized jean! Was it planned? Like its just perfect.

  5. Such a chic hat.

  6. This is soo lovely. I luv the concept, the outfit, the photo, everything

  7. The oversized shirt slayed it.......i love it

  8. Love the look. Short hair really suits you.


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