Sunday, May 03, 2015

Hello everyone. I hope we are all good. On the blog today is someone whose style I love so much. He is a student in Ukraine and he never disappoints when it comes to fashion. I'm a fan of guys that can really dress well. Let us get to know more about him......


What can you describe your style as?
-As a way of life that shouldn't be dented

Who is your fashion role model?

Best fragrance?

Your four wardrobe essentials?
-Watch; gold to be precise, white shirt, perfume, laced black shoe

Favorite places to shop and why?
-I love European stores, because they got really cool items and quite affordable

-Crafting and Cooking

What do you do in your free time?

What do you always have on?
-I love smelling good...the ladies love it

What is your favorite style to wear?
-Suit & tie

Best color?
-Black and white

Style philosophy?
"look expensive but shop cheap"

So guys what do y'all think about today's style feature?? I think he's super stylish. He is also a blogger so for great fashion tips for guys visit /

Instagram @onevalerian
Twitter @onevalerian
Tumblr @onevalerian

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  1. Love your blog. Great post.

    I think we should follow each other .


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