Wednesday, May 06, 2015

To me, being a utility girl is about making the best use of your time and resources, being a survivor. For example, being able to fix your bulb and to put together some basic things. Its really important for ladies to know these basic things because it means not depending too much on any man. So here's an encouragement to all my ladies out there, be a DIY girl.

  Its a casual outfit and also monochrome. You can never go wrong with black and white. This blog post is a rare one and im sure you will agree with me because of the dungaree. Its a rare piece but is stylish and easy to combine with other things. Really wanted the casusl look so I dug out my wedge creepers which I've had for over two years. Also wore my red hat to add a pop of color. 
This could pass for street style.

 Summer is fast approaching and the fountain in the city center has been turned on. It is beautiful. Just had to take a picture there.

Thank y'all for visiting.

Dungaree: H&m
Creepers:Random Store
Top: Oodji
Hat: Select
Bag: Primark
Bracelets: Mattiz Accessories 
Earrings: Mattiz Accessories.

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  1. I love your accessories but still not bold enough to try the dungaree *coversface*


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