Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kimono means a "thing to wear". It has become a summer trend and is easy to style. Kimono's come in different styles, colors and patterns. They are lightweight and perfect for summer. 

Tips on how to wear a Kimono
  1. Wear a kimono with any short summer dress
  2. Wear with ripped jeans and a hat
  3. Can be worn with a tank top and a skirt
  4. Can be worn over your swimsuit at the beach 
  5. Can be worn over a graphic shirt and jeans 
  6. Pair a super long kimono with shorts and heels
  7. When the weather is cool, you can use a belt on the kimono and pair it with jeans and long boots.
  8. Kimonos can be worn with maxi dresses
  9. Can be worn over a crop top and highwaisted jeans. 
Love this Essie nail polish...perfect for summer ;)

Outfit details
Kimono: Ali Express
Shoes: ebay
Bag: Primark
Jeggings & Camisole: Random Store

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  1. great blog, have a nice week!

  2. Loving the look. Your hair is even more fab

  3. I love the bag...super cute

    U slayed it with that shoe...

  4. I love kimonos. You can style them with almost anything. I love the way you styled yours! And your hair is so fab. Try to make your images a little bigger next time if possible. Love what you're doing here. -

  5. You look lovely, love the way you have styled yours, funny my last post was also about styling kimonos, lol. Would appreciate if you stopped by. Have a lovely day beautiful


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