Thursday, July 09, 2015

These are pictures from a photoshoot for the fashion section of an NSA magazine coming soon and I thought to share it with y'all. It shows how to rock denim for both male and female. Which brings me to my partner on this project. Meet my fellow fashionista Frank, it was great working with him.
 This world is wonderful and indeed everything God made was good including YOU!; the beauty of nature is so overwhelming and sometimes you can't help but ask "How?". So the location was another interesting thing about the shoot, the lakeside view was perfect and the photographer was just on point..
I'm in love with those shoes!!!..They can pass for creepers because of the sole and also for brogues because of the decorative perforations(or broguing) on the upper part of the shoe.

Outfit Details:

Fedora hat: Accessorize
Jeans: Ali Express
Shoes: Sheinside
Denim Shirt: Random Store(UK)

Till my next post.....
You can follow Frank on IG for more dose of fashion.. @FRANQE

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  1. Nice one hon. Already fapped one picture for my Denim Feature I'd do soon..(God knows when.)


  2. Both of you look good...I love your jean.its too cute...

  3. Too cool, i love the outfits, your shoes are everything.


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