Saturday, July 25, 2015

I hope you all are doing great. On the blog today, I want to talk about helping people. It's really important because even the bible talks about it. I am studying Medicine because I have the passion to help those that are in need not necessarily the sick ones and I believe it's an opportunity for me to reach out to people. I know with God on my side, it shall come to pass..

Back to helping people! It's heartbreaking when I see people who are in need of one thing or the other. Helping people can be meeting the financial and physical needs of people if you can and also praying for people. 
Helping people doesn't have to do with those in need alone. You can also help people get better in anything they do especially if they have a skill you have more knowledge about.

  1. Call a charity to volunteer.
  2. Smile and be friendly: This is little but trust me it can make someone's day better because you really don't know what they are going through. 
  3.  Comfort someone in grief.
  4. Teach people to be better especially if you are more skilled.
  5. Help people take action because some people actually need to be pushed to become better in what they do.
  6. Help someone on the edge.
  7. Pray for people.
  8. Help a less privileged person (food, clothes ...
  9. Love people

  1. Increases happiness
  2. Increases a boost in a feel-good part of the brain
  3. Adds a sense of purpose and meaning to life
  4. God would bless you and also raise people to help you when you are in need.
My dress was something I sketched when my birthday was approaching. I also sketched the dress I wore for my birthday dinner. Everything I sketch actually comes from my head more of like my designs. Got the material and took it to the tailor. So glad it came out well.


Dress: Tailored
Neck Piece: Casablanca
Shoes: Gift (Ebay)

Till my next post...xoxo

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  1. I love how simple the dress is and you did the sketch that's wow. Always bold with colours

  2. So pretty

    You did such a great job sketching this

  3. Thanks for sharing this. It is absolutely important to blessing others even if it is through the simplest ways


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