Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Hi guys, 

This post is a collaboration between myself and FevvyHair. I was contacted in Ukraine before coming to Nigeria for the summer holiday but the hair wasn't sent before I left. Fortunately, a representative of their's came to Nigeria and I was contacted again but this time, it was about sending me the hair. To cut the long story short, the hair was sent to my dad's office and I got the package. For me, the packaging was really cute and catchy. The hair bundles had purple ribbons on it. I really liked it. I was sent 3 bundles of  100% Virgin Malaysian Loose Wave in lengths 12" 12" 14". To be honest, I thought the hair wasnt going to be enough but guess what??? It was more than enough like it even remained. 

This hair is really amazing, you guys should trust me on this. I got tired of answering questions from people because people really admired the hair and would stop me to ask me questions about the hair and I was always feeling myself lol :) this hair always got attention.

The hair is of good quality, full density, sleek, tanglefree, manageable, beautiful and their hair is amazing. Guess what guys?? If ure based in the U.S, its free shipping within the U.S and they ship worldwide. I took pictures everyday of  week when I had the hair on. 

So, I decided to share some pictures with you guys just to see my FevvyHair and how I rocked it.

This was my very first look with the hair and you can see the original curl pattern of the hair.

This was the last way I rocked the hair. I cut my hair into sections and for every section, I sprayed water and the used bendy rollers on every section. Took off the rollers the next day in the morning and the outcome was wow! The curls came out so well. I love good hair 

To also mention, there is a back to school sale on their webiste and you guys dont want to miss it. The discount code is aug2015 and there's an additional 10% off every order worth 200$ or more.
Check out their website HERE
On instagram @fevvylovers
On googleplus +The Fevvy Collection 
 Thank you FevvyLover's for my hair. 

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