Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello lovely people, I hope y'all are doing great. Sorry I have been missing in action. I was down with malaria at a point but I am fine now. Thank God.
So, today's post is kind of different because I am talking about top 5 essentials for your wardrobe. It's really important and I decided to put up links to a popular Nigerian Online Store since I'm in Nigeria at the moment and it can be of great help to my Nigerian readers. Also, we can see the items and have an idea on the kind of items to purchase if need be. The name of the store is Jumia (

Let me just talk about the online store briefly. Jumia is a popular online store in Nigeria and they sell varieties of stuffs, ranging from beauty, health, electronics, and of cause fashion items that are of good quality and affordable. As a matter of fact, I never bought anything from them until a few weeks ago when I had to buy myself a power bank which I will do a review on later. Their customer service is awesome and item was delivered within 3 days.

Back to my top 5 essentials, I must say these items are basics to build up your wardrobe because they are easy to pair with other items, and you can practically wear them on any occasion. In my opinion, they are essential because of their versatility.


1) White Button Down Shirt: This piece is simple, timeless and multifunctional. It could be longsleeve or shortsleeve. Check Here

2) Black Pencil Skirt: This is a classic, can be worn with shirts, blazers, tank tops, crop tops  and lots more. Check Here

3) Little Black Dress:  I love the versatility of this piece. Can be rocked with blazers, flats, heels, sneakers, kimono's etc. They come in different ways like midi, skater, mini, flare, shift, pencil and lots more. For this post, I picked a black midi dress because it can be worn different ways. Check

4) Black Shoes: They complete an outfit. They come as heels or flats, so whichever you are comfortable in and the occasion you are wearing them to. They can actually help to neutralize colourful outfits. Check Here(heels) and Here(flat)

5) Black Handbag: For me, I cannot do without having a bag with me because it contains my purse and other important day to day items. It's really important to give a finished look to your outfit. Check Here

So that's it guys. These are not all but they are my top 5 wardrobe essentials. I am also sure some of you will be wondering why black this, black that. You can't blame me, black is a neutral colour and works for every outfit and occasion.
To also mention, it is good to invest in quality stuffs that are durable.

There are lots of stuffs coming to the blog so just be at alert and keep visiting. Thank you all for your love and support I really appreciate it.


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