Saturday, October 03, 2015

Hellurrrr people :) I'm pretty excited doing this post and you can see why from my post title :) My blog is a year old today wow! I just want to use this opportunity to thank God for all the ideas, sponsors, collaborations, etc... I also thank him for the strength because trust me guys there are lots of sacrifices we bloggers make just to put up posts. Guys y'all rock! The love you guys show me is too much. I have also learnt a lot from other bloggers And I have learnt to put in the best in what I love doing. When I see comments and receive some messages on people telling me how I inspire them, I just smile and thank God for the opportunity to be able to inspire people in the little way I can. I'm so grateful to God and I rededicate my blog to him because he deserves everything. I also thank God for the critics lol. Truth be told not everyone can like you but for those who love and support me in every way, I'm grateful.

    Story Time!!!......Here's a short tale on how the blog started and why I decided to start the blog. I have been active on a lot of social networks especially Instagram but didn't want to get into blogging because ;

  1.  Ukraine is a cold country and during the summer holiday, I never stay here
  2.  Blogging involves a lot of time, determination, consistency and ideas 
  3. Locations to shoot, shooting in the cold and buying a good camera
  4. Combining school and blogging!! 
   These reasons discouraged me. On Instagram and some other networks, some people send me messages on how I inspire them, how they just can't wait to see my IG posts and other lovely comments... Then, some others suggested the idea of blogging to me

     So, I started thinking about it and I prayed about it. I got my friend's involved and ideas started coming in, the name, vision for the blog and lots more. I went home summer last year and I was brainstorming on how to make my blog stand out etc. I had a diary I always wrote my ideas. When I got back to school in September last year, we were still brainstorming and I officially wanted my blog to start October and I'm glad I started then. My friend Debby had always been taking me pictures for IG but she became my official photographer for the blog :). I actually forgot about the fact that I did not have a camera and I became positive about the blog, forgetting about the cold and all the reasons I couldn't do it. My friends support my blog a lot like I don't know what I would have done without them. Debby graduated this year but before she did, I started saving up for my camera and officially bought my own camera in September this year :) Thank God for provision.
      I just have a little advice for those who want to do something but are discouraged because they don't have all the needed resources, you can start with the little you have but you pray, believe everything would fall in place and God will prosper the works of your hands in due time. You can check out my very first blog post Here.  My blog means a lot to me and those who know me can testify to that.

So on to the outfit people I'm wearing a jumpsuit which was part of the free items I purchased on Jumia, using the free voucher I was given. I love how simple but classy it is. My mum bought me my shoes on Jumia too :) Like I told you guys in one of my posts, Jumia has good customer service and delivery services are on point too. My hair is a Vivica Fox wig and I talked about it Here.
Makeup was done by me :)

Just to celebrate my blog's birthday, I'm doing a giveaway on Instagram. Giving out two fedora hats. You can check out my Instagram to see the procedure to be a winner of this giveaway Here. It's just to appreciate you guys and there will be two lucky winners. It's an international giveaway so wherever you are feel free to join in. Thank you for your love and support once again.

Happy Birthday to my blog once again and thank you for visiting.
Check me on Instagram @prettyfaze.

Outfit Details
Jumpsuit: Jumia
Shoes: Bellucci (Jumia)
Bag: Random store
Neckpiece: primark.

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  1. You are looking too gorgeous in this dress as well as in this orange shade. Beautiful pictures you have shared with us. Thanks for posting here with us.

  2. The beautiful Bukola...congratulations once again..keep up the good work. Am still learning how to be consistent and so far so ok...lol
    Send me an email dear...we need to make your pictures brighter and I would love to help if you don't mind. Datdamnchic@gmail.com


  3. You look beautiful bukky! i love the whole look, congrats on your blog.



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