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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy New Week guys :) wishing you the very best this new week. I have always wanted to wear different shades of nude or brown but for one reason or the other it wasn't possible, but I am happy that I kinda achieved it now. So guy's, it's story time. Initially, I wanted to wear high waisted knee cut jeans with this outfit, but this nude trouser came up last minute and I was like let me try it; and I'm happy it worked out. When I was putting my outfit together, I knew I wanted to wear this hat I got over a year ago, I also remembered my cute little vintage scarf I got in February this year when I went to England, in the Portobello market.
 I went with my friend Stephanie who is also a fashion blogger and popularly known as Metrogypsie. You can check out her blog  Here.
We went to so many places and the Market was one of those places. For my trouser's, I got it about a year ago and never wore it. Sigh!
 Got my top and shoes recently. It's getting cold, and I figured that a turtle neck wouldn't be a bad idea. I took the sunglasses from my junior sister by force lol :)

Some of you might be thinking how I still got to wear my sun glasses in the cold. Well, the sun came out to play! (as you can see in the pictures). I was surprised and happy at the same time. The weather got better when I was about to take my pictures :) Lucky me!  
So guys, what do you think of this look? I am digging the look because it's a combination of neutral colours which makes everything calm and the scarf also spices up this outfit in my opinion. You can never go wrong with calm/neutral colours.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and showing me love. It means a lot to me and God bless.

Turtleneck Top: Terranova
Shoes: Bershka
Hat: Kari
Pants: Top Secret
Sunglasses: Aldo

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