Past to Present (A New Kind Of Vintage)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello fam! How are we doing? Are we surprised I said fam?? Lol you guys are my family :) This blog is nothing without you guys. The support, love, shares and views, I can't thank you guys enough. Guess what??? My blog hit 50,0000 views yesterday... Wow! All thanks to God and  y'all. God bless

Straight to this outfit. My shirt is a patterned vintage shirt I got in a vintage store but I can't really remember where. I love this shirt because it has a lot going on and wearing this kind of shirt, It's difficult to go unnoticed. All the colours are beautiful and I thought of the perfect way to wear it, without looking totally old school :) came up with this white denim skirt with slit just to show a little skin. I get vintage has to do with the past but in these modern days it's acceptable to rock vintage in the modern way. Another way I would style this shirt is to wear any colour of skirt or pant on the shirt. Paired my outfit with my brown belt and brown shoes; I needed to be calm since my shirt has bright colours.
 My hair is a wig and I talked about it in this post Here and you can use the coupon code Prettyfaze 10 to get 10% off.
For my lips, I used MakeUp Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer called "What I Believe " my friend Lola bought it for me. It's so cute and girly.

Let me know what y'all think about the outfit :)
I hope y'all it!

Outfit Details
Skirt- Stradivarius
Shoes- Bershka
Neckpiece- Primark
Shirt- Vintage Store

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  1. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring ladies to be more aware of their fashion choices... You rock

  2. Amazing shirt. It is quite a stand-out piece. Fabulous look.


  3. Gorgeous look! Love the colours:)
    Check out my blog and if you like it follow me! I'll follow back:)

  4. Always pretty.
    You look like a hot model from the 80's...I love

  5. Loving that vintage top.

  6. Pretty cool outfit!
    Love thrifting so this is right up my street


  7. this is one of my favorite looks... so vintage


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