Friday, December 18, 2015

Hello everyone, I hope we are all doing good. The colour pink is associated with beauty and charm. Most people think the color is just for ladies but I tell you guys can wear pink and would look so nice. I never used to like the colour pink because I always felt it was too girly/childish. With time, I started liking it and now I can wear it without any worries whatsoever. I decided not to mix patterns with plain, just wanted to wear different plain colours. Pink is not a colour some people will want to wear to work but this outfit can be worn to work. You can be classy and work ready in pink #workflowInspiration.
My nude Zara court shoes have been serving me well. I just want to wear them with everything... lol. Glad I got them.  My pink pant was a gift from my friend Lydia.

There's this new lippy I discovered on YouTube and trust me, I had to find it.. It's nude and so natural. I used it in this post because I had bright eyes so I had to keep my lips calm. It's called "ABU DHABI" by Nyx Cosmetics. It might just be the best nude lippy I have used. It's liquid but has a matte finishing. Love this cute brooch. Accessories are important especially when you wear everything plain like I did but for work, it shouldn't be too much.

Shirt: Oodji
Trouser: Kira Plastinina
Shoes: Zara
Brooch: Kira Plastinina

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What are your thoughts on this outfit?

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  1. I am so going to go and buy that lipstick this very second its gorgeous and looks beautiful on you. Lately i've started to like pink i might just also get some pink trousers.

    Tanaka x

  2. Gorgeous pants

  3. love the pink and navy combination, you look great xoxox

  4. superb look and i love the makeup also

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