Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hello darlings, how are we all doing?? So, today's outfit post is a combination of the colour burgundy and different shades of grey, which includes my cape, bag and shoes. I love this outfit because grey and burgundy are mature colours. I styled this dress as a top in one of my posts which you can find Here. My dress was a gift from my friend Bliss. You can wear your dresses with skater or maxi skirts.
I wore this outfit to church and on that day, it was chilly. I remembered my cape which is warm and I never wore before. I thought of styling it different ways so I came up with four ways to style your cape. I hope y'all find this useful and love it.

I just wore the cape without adding anything to it. This way is stress free.
I used a tie to hold the two parts of the cape together. You can use a scarf or something else but a tie was what I could lay my hands on at that point.
Wrapped the cape around myself and tucked one end in at the back. I would have used a pin to hold both ends at the back together but there was no pin and no time so I just managed it for pictures without a pin.

Very easy way too. I used a belt on the cape.
Which way do you like and how will you style your cape?? You can recreate these looks with a big scarf.

Dress: Boohoo
Shoes: Primark
Bracelet: The Peach Box
Cape: Random Store
Bag: SheIn

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  1. This is really beautiful and inspiring

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  3. The colour combo is gorgeous and the knot style is my favourite.

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