Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Chicwish has my heart. I mean they have lovely, classy and unique pieces. If you are not new to my blog, you must have seen collaboration posts and non collaboration posts with them.
This post is a sponsored post and when I was asked to pick two items again, I was excited. I thought of how to wear my dress without just wearing it the normal way. So, I came up with this shirt idea. I wore this outfit to church for thanksgiving Sunday. So here's a little story I went to church okay and during the service I started feeling nauseated. I was forced to step out of the church to get fresh air and relax but I knew it was the work of the devil not to let me stay for my thanksgiving praise. I determined and prayed to God, to let me witness the thanksgiving praise which I did. Thank God for that.

 The dress was a show stopper. Trust me guys, so many people loved it and when I was taking pictures, all eyes were on me. The dress is a statement piece and you can not go unnoticed. You can check out for more statement pieces on their site CHICWISH. This dress was originally $72 but you can now get it for $61 because it's on sale.
I spiced it up with my cute red rhinestone suede clutch which was sent to me by the good people of NEWCHIC , red shoes and buckle bangle.
Spring has sprung! I had my shades on since it was sunny. It was a gift :)
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Shoes: Bershka
Bracelet: PEACHBOX

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