Monday, April 25, 2016

Hello lovely people, how are we all doing?? Today's post is a style feature post. I have been following this fashionista for some time now on Instagram  and I must say she has an amazing style. She knows how to mix and match prints and colour's. So, I thought of sharing some of her looks with us and also get to know few things about her especially what she has to say about fashion.

Name- Olawumi Adewale.
Occupation- Fashion and media Entrepreneur.

Best Color-  it has to be white, sorry blue! Sorry white and blue (lol).
Hobbies -  Weirdly, it's making money and I guess travelling outside the country just got added... (I hate road trips).

What can you describe your style as?? 
 My style will be best described as CHIC n HIP.
What do you do in your free time?? 
Free time? Lord! Can't remember the last Time I had that... I guess watch movies for about 30 mins before I fall asleep.

 Your Four Wardrobe Essentials - Nice heels, Blazers, tee shirts and Jeans. ( one can be very simple with these yet very sophisticated too).
Favorite style - I love a pair of comfy joggers n tee shirt ( that's what I wear half the time I'm not taking a picture of
 attending a function).

Fashion Role Model - Micah Gianelli.
Best Fragrances - Estee Lauder (Muse Chic) and Givenchy (Very Irresistible).

Favourite Places to Shop - I'd say anywhere I find something nice cos I shop on a daily (Literally)😁
What do you always have on ? My panties I guess, lol scratch that, I always have my necklace on actually, it almost never goes off my neck.

Every lady's must have:  A pair of head turning heels, 40 -100 If possible... 

Style Philosophy: You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes.
Too many women think it's not important, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.

Advice to upcoming fashionistas - My elder sister always hammered on a phrase while we were growing up; "You CANNOT be exposed up and down at the same time" (I wish I could say that in Yoruba language, but this is an international blog😭)
Learn to dress right for every occasion. 
The less body exposure, the better...

I love her style and I hope you all do.

Follow her on Instagram @Olarslim
Snapchat @Olahslim

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  2. Yaaaay😍😍😍

  3. Been following Olarslim for a while now; love her style too����

  4. Hey Pumpkin has got StylE.... shine on Baby

  5. These fashion clothing ideas are great. The photos are stunning.


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