Monday, May 02, 2016

Welcome back to my blog guys I really appreciate it.
Who said ladies can not rock ties?? Well we can even do it better. I'm sure some of you will be wondering what the word dapper means. Well, its a compliment given to someone neat and trim in appearance, very spruce and stylish. Dapper is mostly associated with guys but ladies can be dapper too. I got this red tie and initially wanted to wear it with a skirt but I didn't plan the outfit well lol. To also add, I knotted my tie myself. It's important we ladies know how to do some stuffs. Imagine if I didn't know how to. It's either I don't use tie or start looking for someone to help me out. Stress!

 So, I came up with this look and I'm wearing a guys shirt which was oversized for me. I wore it because of the neck which was perfect for the tie unlike our own kind of shirts as ladies with tiny neck. Since my shirt was big, The best bottom to fit was my highwaisted skinny jeans and straight up I knew I was going to wear my red shoes for an extra pop of color. For accessories, I got my grey bag on sale Yas! like I love big bags and was so happy when I saw it. Just to spice it up, I added my glasses and fur bag charm or pom pom like some people call it. Short hair for the win because I didn't want anything dangling. This would pass for a work style look if you swap the jeans with formal pants or skirt. You can still wear this to work with a blazer on it and it also depends on where you work.

    Shirt:Marco Renci
    Bag: Top Secret
    Fur Charm: Paloma
    Tie: Random Store
    Tie Clip: Asos
    Glasses: GiantVintage

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  1. Bukky I want ur bag ���� I'm in love with it

  2. i love the entire outfit ����

  3. Absolutely love the look!!!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog :-)


  4. love your outfit.! gorg!

  5. Great outfit, you knotted the tie very well !

  6. Worn very professionally, very dynamic and smart too.


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