Friday, June 10, 2016

Off shoulder trend has come to stay. As a matter of fact I just want to buy them in different colors, sizes and patterns. I think I actually prefer it on slimmer ladies, with prominent collar bones no offense to those on the big side but I am sure we understand better. I love how it flatter's the neckline and shoulders. It's girly and can be styled different ways. One tip to buying any off shoulder piece is buying something loose. Don't go too tight with this trend. Another hot trend this season is the choker trend. I never thought I would get to rock this trend but here we are. The choker gives this 90's vibe and its really nice when styled with an off shoulder top or a low neckline outfit and I think it's a way to spice up your outfit. So for this outfit, I paired my off the shoulder top with jeans and my choker neck piece. Guess what guys? I don't own a choker yet so, I used my skinny scarf which I styled in this post HERE and held both ends together with a safety pin. It still served the main purpose lol. You can always be creative and make do with whatever you have. This whole look is very simple and easy to pull off.

Thanks for visiting and see y'all in my next post. Xoxo..

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  1. Off-shoulder is definitely a trend that has come to stay. I'm in love with it. I love your outfit and the scarf-turn chocker. Lol

  2. Guess am the only one yet to join on the choker not such a fan of the off shoulder but oh well..I like it on other people.
    Beautiful post

  3. I've noticed this new scarf choker diy thing and its pretty dope!

  4. Yes to it being better on slimmer ladies..I love the neck piece and your sunshades!!
    I nominated you for a liebster award, do check it out on my blog :-)


    1. slim girls rock lol. Thanks boo. Oh I will check it out.


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