Monday, July 11, 2016

I am back with the day 2 of my trip to Odessa.  It's been long I travelled and that was why I decided to take lots of pictures and do a travel update for you guys and not the usual outfit post.

So on the second day after my arrival, I had home made food for breakfast and headed towards the beach again. This day was strictly for the beach. Got a bed by the side of the beach for relaxation and it was a really nice view. It was so hot and I had no other option than to always go inside the water just to cool off even though I can't swim. I went jet skiing on the beach and I was scared like crazy but it was fun. After that, I went water bed riding on the beach and I kept on screaming :( it was so scary even though I had a live jacket on. That was all I did on the beach. I couldn't give anyone my camera or phone to take pictures or make videos because I didn't want anyone to run away with my camera so, I am sorry about that but you can't blame me.

In this post, I'll be sharing just my outfit of the day with you guys since I couldn't take pictures of my activities on the beach. My snap chat followers saw all my updates.

I had this ice cream later that night and it tasted really good. I want some more!!!

Thanks for visiting. Cheers!!

Two piece: Demo
Flower crown: Beach side
Sunglasses: Shop & go

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