Friday, August 12, 2016

So sad I had to leave :( it was fun throughout my stay in this beautiful city. Odessa is somewhere I would recommend you visit if you are coming to Ukraine for the first time especially and you really want to have fun. You will see lot's of people and you will be able to visit lots of fun places.
On this last day, I stepped out of the house very okay and after some minutes, I started feeling nauseated and it almost ruined my day because I would have gone back home and not one anything meaningful that day because my train was in the evening. To cut the long story short, after drinking water and saying some words of prayer silently, I got better. I went to a Chinese restaurant and it was very close to Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre, which happens to be the oldest theatre in odessa. It's beautiful from outside and also very big. I didn't enter but I took pictures outside.

After eating that afternoon, It was time for pictures and It was fun taking all my pictures. In front of the theatre, there was this beautiful vintage red hot car. I fell in love with it and had to take pictures with it but had to pay for it. I also took a picture sitting on a tree for the first time in my life. From the theatre, I moved on to center and then I paid to snap pictures with a horse which happened to be my first time on one. I then went to McDonalds and got their lemonade. My trip was really amazing because I got to do lot's of stuffs I have never done before and also things I will never push myself to do on a normal day because of fear but all thanks to bae :) Thank's for keeping up with my trip to Odessa and can't wait to share another travel experience with y'all.

Thanks for visiting and see y'all in my next post. Cheers!

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  1. You look good! And why couldn't they just let you take pictures with the car for free? Lol. Speaking of pictures, the picture quality is good. Did you use a phone or a camera?
    Laitanbee Blog

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