Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pop of color is that little hint of something that adds life or will I say everything to your look. You can tell your fashion story entirely with that "Pop of Colour".
Adding a Pop of color to an all white or all black ensemble speaks volume to your style and transforms the entire outfit.

Putting this outfit together was a pretty simple one because I already had it in my head and they were both new pieces before styling them. Fortunately for me, a friend brought me my sandals as a gift earlier that week which was just the perfect timing. They are so cute and comfortable. Thank you Christina. In this post, I'm wearing a metallic top. Metallics are fashion statements and are currently trending. They are attention seeking and will make us shine (literally!). Metallics are more common in gold, silver and bronze. My top was a gift from bae. I did my makeup myself and I had to use my all time favorite red lipstick from MAC COSMETICS. It's called RUBY WOO.

There are some tips in styling metallics:
  • Pick only a metallic piece to wear and not a mixture
  • Do not overdo it with makeup
  • Try to keep accessories to the minimal.
Tips to combining metallics with white like I did..
  • Accessorize with a pop of color 
  • When in doubt, combine with black to give that monochromatic look
  • Wear your bag and shoes in the same color 
  • Do not combine too many color's

Thanks for visiting guys and I will love to know some other tips in styling metallics and what other 
pop of color you can use to style your's.

Top: Bershka
Pants: Kira Plastinina
Photography: AVANGARD

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  1. You look amazing girl
    Love the look

  2. Love this look, the trousers especially make your legs go on for days! Nice blog, new reader here :)


  3. Very neatly put together
    I love the outfit


  4. Great blog and a greater dresssence. First timer.


  5. You look absolutely Fab in this outfit! i love the look. Also you have a really pretty smile :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss

  6. The background is soooo beautiful, love the touch of colour too!



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