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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Blogging has been my passion and my blog is my baby.. I have watched it grow and I might not be where I want now but I'm definitely getting there. As a matter of fact, my blog will be two year's old on the 3rd of October wow! how time flies. 
After my last blog post, I have not had the inspiration or will I say urge to write or blog about anything :( and I have no explanation for that or maybe it's because exam mode has been activated and all I can think of now is my exam. This too shall pass.
I took these pictures a while ago and I have not had an idea on what to write about it like no ginger at all but well, I decided to post because I love the color's in this outfit, the location, the colors of the chairs and the way they are arranged I think they tell a different story and they add spice to the pictures. The location is appropriate for brunch or hang out's.
You guys must have also noticed my love for midi skirts. They are decent and fun to style. Pardon my skirt looking rough. I actually ironed it but it got rough because of the taxi.

There was something I shared on my Instagram during the week about prayer. It's really important we take out time to pray. When we do so, God takes time to listen. There's something you need to know "Satan trembles when he sees the weakest christian on his knees." This means that prayer is a powerful weapon. I'm sharing it with y'all because I know God answers prayers and it doesn't matter the situation you are going through. Just trust him without a back up plan and he will not let u down.

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Top: Oodji
Skirt: SheIn
Shoes: Zara

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  1. Love the shoes and the location for this shoot is litt!! You look gorgeous as always

  2. Cute color combinaison !

  3. You are elegant all the time, pretty princess, ---Dyhair777

  4. Beautiful
    Too perfect

  5. love this look
    flared skirt are one of my favorite things to wear

  6. colorful outfit...nice location.


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