Friday, October 28, 2016

Hey lovelies! how are we all doing?? Talking about this camel colored fringe skirt on the blog today.
Fringe is a decorative border or edging of hanging threads, cords or strips often attached to a band. Some of y'all might be aware its LAGOS FASHION AND DESIGN WEEK IN NIGERIA and I just thought this could serve as an Inspiration to someone because this is what I can wear to a fashion week.

Designer's from New York to Paris embraced the playfulness of fringe for spring. Fringe
gives a flirty edge to any piece. Fringes can be slapped on clothes and accessories which makes them fun and versatile to style.
The thing about fringe is that it is boho and may look out of place if not styled properly. I made up my mind a while ago to try new things for my blog. It caught my attention because such piece was rare to find and seeing it on runways in fashion shows, I knew it was just the right opportunity to get one and all thanks to bae, we got me a gift :)
For me, the best color option for styling the skirt was white. I didn't just stress myself thinking of other colors so I got this top and I must say, I love the combination. A mixture of white and camel is bomb if done well.
I made magic with my photographer as you can see from the pictures. This outfit, my hair, location, my poses got me feeling some type of way. When I sent some of these pictures to a friend all she could say was SLAY! SLAY!! SLAY!!!
Wishing you guys a happy weekend and see y'all in my next post. Ciao...

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  1. Just so perfect!! I also picked out a fringe outfit for lfdw.... for Saturday though since work is zapping the blogger duties from me**staying strong **

    1. Thanks so much dear. Couldn't make it too because of some reasons :(

  2. I would definitely rock something similar to Fashion week. The fringe is so trendy I must say. Beautiful pics.

  3. Stunning photos!
    Love the skirt.

  4. Love this look, you look gorgeous. You rocked the fringe well. xx

  5. fab look

  6. Your friend didn't lie. You did slay. Big time. In love with your shoes.
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  7. Love the out look so stunning and beautiful pictures


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