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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hey lovelies! I know it's been a while. I am so sorry and I mentioned in my last post that I had exams to prepare for. Like some of you know I came to Nigeria after uni and had to write an exam which will enable me to practice in Nigeria. I have good news guys I passed the exam omg!! like I can't really explain it but all I can say is Thank you LORD JESUS. He was the one that made it possible and I promised to let the world know how amazing he is. Guys trust me God answer's prayer's. If you are friends with me on Facebook or Instagram you will see my posts talking about the exam and challenges. You can check my Ig HERE. So, I can now practice in Nigeria Yay!
 My blog became two years on the 3rd of October wow! how time flies. I couldn't do any post or giveaways because it was two days to my exam but I promise to makeup for it. Thank you for the constant support even when I was missing in action.

I am back and of course better!! I missed blogging so much. Today's post is a sport style post. I took these pictures back in Ukraine and I miss my photographer so much. I love how simple this look is and it was so comfortable wearing it. This is something I will wear to run errands or just to chill with friends. I hope y'all like this outfit as much as I do.

Thanks for visiting. Xoxo..

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  1. Very Urban, I didn't know you could rock street style as well!



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