Friday, November 25, 2016

Hey lovelies! how are we all doing?? because I am in Nigeria, I decided to try some Nigerian brands, wear more of ankara, tie gele etc.  The truth is Nigeria is a great country and has people with potentials. Over the year's, the fashion industry in Nigeria has really improved and buying made in Nigeria product's is a way to support the industry. Although, some Nigerian brands are pricey but there are affordable ones that are also student friendly.
So, I was sent this cute fur slides by a Nigerian brand Nugwa and they deal in footwear, jewelry and bags which are handmade. I picked the slides myself and was made in my size. To also mention, I love the packaging. I have been rocking my slides everywhere but never got someone to take me pictures and I am glad I finally got to take pictures hence the blog post. I felt like wearing jeans for this post and this is a casual, very comfy and easy to put together look. I love my Nugwa Slides. You can check out NUGWA to order my type of slides and you won't regret it.

 Thanks for visiting guys .
Photography FELIX EZEMA

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