Sunday, November 20, 2016

I remember when I saw bomber jacket's everywhere on Instagram and ideas of styling them were in my head, I was like I must get one because of how versatile it is. I was always looking for it and I never found in stores but on this fateful day, I saw this bomber jacket staring at me when I didn't even plan to buy it. I picked it up immediately and checked the price tag. I was having a rethink if to buy or not but the jacket kept screaming buy me please lol.. to cut the long story short, I bought it and it was one of the best shopping decisions I made. Wearing a bomber jacket is the easiest way to add an eclectic edge to an outfit. Can be worn over a dress, styled with jeans, pants, sneakers heels and others. I love the fact that my bomber jacket is floral which gives the girly vibe. White jeans was the best option for me. I love the whole look I mean from my cap to my makeup which was done by me and my shoes.
In this post, I collaborated with Frank of FRANKOMEREKPE.COM and if you are not new to the blog, you must have seen lots of collab posts with him. You can check out his blog too.

Thank you for visiting guys and I love y'all. By the way, I am planning giveaways so watch this space  because I'll be dropping the announcement on my Instagram soon. Cheers!!
Tank top: Bershka
Jeans: Bershka
Shoes: Zara
Bomber: Ivivi
Cap: Gift

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  1. I love love the combo. Those shoes mehn!! One of your Best Buy's.. I never stop admiring them.

  2. Clean guys look good
    I love everything especially your hat and shoes

  3. Om du letar efter grejer av hög kvalitet till överkomliga priser, är MC kläder platsen att handla med nya stilar. Här hittar du jackor i äkta skinn, med kvalitetshårdvara och professionellt hantverk till ett väldigt minimalt pris. För mer information kan du besöka


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