Monday, December 19, 2016

Hello lovelies! I really can't believe 2016 is almost over. Wow!
In all things guys, just give thanks to God because so many people wished to be alive but God has kept you. It doesn't matter the unachieved goals you set this year; the most important thing to remember is that once there's life, there is hope. With Him, you can make things right next year.

Welcome back to my blog and thank you for being on this journey with me. Today's look is something girly and cute. Fancy a guess? It’s the colour pink! I mean it. The colour pink cannot go wrong when combined properly. I promised you lovelies in one of my previous blog posts to expect more Ankara-themed posts, not just because I love them but they are also readily available in Nigeria unlike when I blogged from Ukraine. As soon as I saw this fabric, I just knew I wanted to make a “stress-free” dress and luckily, I saw this style on my Instagram page; although I can’t remember who posted it, all due credits are given. The colour pattern on the Ankara fabric really got my attention because grey and white when combined with pink is a perfect combination. 

Waiting on my tailor to finish this outfit brought back memories of the year-long journey for “Christmas Clothes”! You know it. I know it. If you were a bad child, no new clothes! Oh the terror! Wearing my new Ankara wasn't only worth the wait but it truly was comfort in itself! I honest-to-God had nothing to worry about, least of all the insanely hot weather! From Zaria, Kaduna State, through Abuja and down to Lagos, this heat has remained unforgiving even in December of all months. But what can I say? My new Ankara defines “Cool” in a whole new way. My Ankara has become my personal harmattan of sorts… Original 100% soft work.
It was fun dressing up, going out and shooting this look. My white sandals were a gift from my friend Stephanie (Thank you darling), while I got my grey bag from SheIn. I completed this look with my favourite matte pink lipstick from MAC COSMETICS and it’s called CANDY YUM YUM. My hair which was made into a wig by me is from DYHAIR777 and I talked about them HERE so be sure to check them out.

Photography FELIX EZEMA
Till my next post... Cheers!!

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