Friday, December 16, 2016

Hello people how are we all doing?? I decided to do this post because I get questions on products I use on my skin. As ladies, we all should learn to take care of ourselves. Apart from training ourselves or growing on the inside, our appearance is also important. There are few stuffs we can do to make our skin better. Today, I'm concentrating on the face. These are products I Actually use on a daily and weekly basis and apart from that, I actually have very good skin so with or without them, my skin will survive hehe...

We should get for wipes that won't be harsh on our skin. Everyone's skin is different so get what works for you perfectly. As for me, I prefer face wipes with fruits extract. I use this lovely cucumber wet wipe from Watsons, made with soft cotton fabric, purified water and sweet scents, Watsons Mini Wet Wipes do not only give your skin a tender and refreshing feel, but also nourishes and cleanses it. They are handy in size and also very affordable. After a long day, whether you have makeup on or not, it's advisable to clean your face with wipes.

Face wash delicately removes dirt without disturbing the skin's protective barrier. The extract from fresh leaves of aloe Vera moisturizers and tones the skin. It washes the skin, leaving a feeling of cleanliness and comfort, gives the skin a radiant look. I have two products I use depending on my mood and they are both good products. The first one is a Ukranian product and is called FACIAL WASH GEL ZELENAYA APTEKA which contains extract from fresh leaves of aloe Vera that moisturizers and tones the skin and the other one is called DR.C.TUNA TEE TREE FACE WASH which fades out blemishes, blackheads and acne, removes excess oil without overdrying the skin and is pH balanced.

This is optional but using a toner for your face has benefits. It purifies, soothes and tones your skin for instant radiance, it shrinks pores, gives your skin pH balance, fades out blemishes, black heads, acne and lots more. I pour two to three drops onto a cotton pad right after I wash my face with the gel. I use it at night but can be used morning and night. The product I use is the DR.C.TUNA TEE TREE FACE TONIC.

It's advisable to exfoliate your face once or twice a week, depending on how your skin reacts to it. I have two products I use and the first one is rich in Natural Vtamin E, high in antioxidants, defends the skin against environmental damage. Its called the GENTLE OATMEAL EXFOLIATOR. Works for normal to dry skin. The other one one is called APRICOT FACIAL SCRUB by Beauty Formulas. It rejuvenates and exfoliates the skin, which makes the skin smoother and softer.
Another alternative is mixing lemon and honey together with sugar. I have tried it severally and it works very well. Honey is beneficial to the skin.

This is a cleansing brush and it come's with two brush heads that are soft and do not irritate your skin.  It also comes with battery and doesn't make sound when using it. I use this like once or twice in a week which depends on my mood and if I am going out or not. One importance of this tool is that it clears blemishes after sometime. I would recommend it and the price is reasonable too. I got mine for about $28 - $30 can't remember.

For me, I don't have a particular moisturizer I use for my face as a matter of fact, I use my body cream for my face. One important thing is you should never sleep with your makeup on no matter how tired you are. Sleeping with your makeup on dries your skin, clogs your pores, causes spots and causes your skin to age. I also don't have makeup on always just once in a while when I am going for important events because it's necessary to let your face breathe from makeup. Drinking water is also a secret to great skin.
Hope this was helpful. These products work for me. You can get facial products in beauty stores, pharmacies and online stores. If my facial skin care routine changes, I will keep you guys updated.
I finally opened a page on Instagram to sell off my outfits at giveaway prices. Most of the outfits were worn once and are just occupying space in my wardrobe and I might never get to wear them again. I came up with this idea after lots of messages, thinking and decision making. You can check out the page PAGESBYBUKKYCLOSET. I will be glad if y'all support me. Shipping within Nigeria only for now till I figure out how to send items out of the country.

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