Saturday, January 07, 2017

Hello lovely people and Happy New Year. Thank you for making 2016 a fabulous one for my blog and I. I'm positive this 2017 will be a stunning year. This year, by God's grace, I will start a compulsory one-year internship at the hospital. Internship/houseman-ship is rotation of the 4 main specialities, which most doctors do upon graduation.
After what has been or what felt like the most hectic year of my life, it only seemed right to have a mini-holiday away from Nigeria. Currently, I'm in Philadelphia famously known as the 'brotherly love' city of the United States. I travelled on boxing day and I must say, it's rather cold here but it's nothing compared to winter in Ukraine.
Asides from all the wonderful things that happened last year, I was esteemed to meet a popular You-tuber and blogger Shirley Eniang along side my sister.

Flying  with Qatar Airways was wonderful, their customer service was top-notch and their food was amazeballs!!! I would recommend anyone to fly with them.
The breakfast served from Doha the capital of Qatar to Philadelphia was delicious and it was the best breakfast i've had in a long time as I never wakeup early or i'm too lazy.
My stay here has been cool and I promise to take pictures for y'all. I travelled with my camera but the cold has made me lazy.
Finally, y'all should set goals this new year and pray about everything. God answer's prayer's and I am a living testimony to that. Also, believe you can achieve your set goals. What goals have you set for this year?? and what have you guys been up to?? See y'all in my next post.

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