Lace X Tulle

Thursday, February 02, 2017

 Combination of lace, tulle and the color black is ideal for me. I'm not even joking guys there was a bumper accident on King street in Lancaster and I guess the attractive dress caused it. The indoor pictures were captured inside a traditional Irish pub in the heart of downtown Lancaster. It's called ANNIE BAILEY'S and the people there were jovial. By the time we were done shooting inside, the weather was already dull outside so, we took just few shots.
My dress and earrings are from THAT SHUU GIRL BOUTIQUE and the Lady at the store was so sweet. So many gorgeous outfits in her store. The dress is perfect for a date night.

Check out her website GRACIELA TORRES

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  1. such a lovely outfit.! stunning!

  2. Beautiful ! Love your dress and your hair. xx

  3. Black X Lace = FIRE!

  4. Such a pretty dress. In love with the lace xx

  5. You look very sweet, very feminine, like a beautiful figurine!

  6. Gorgeous dress! Love the lace detail

  7. So Sultry, I love it and the color black made it more hot!


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