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Take a minute to ask yourself what it means to be ‘healthy’? Did you include mental health in your definition? According to WHO health is constitutes of three components; physical health, mental health and social healthy, and not just merely the absence of a disease/infirmity. Poor mental health can negatively impact physical health.
Many of people are oblivious to Mental Health disease and are not sensitive to mental health issues. In African, especially, the notion carried about depression is appalling. The stigma needs to stop, this is one of the reasons why so many people are actually unable to fulfil their full potential. Your mind, your mentality is everything. 

Myths about Depression

  •         Depression isn’t a real disease
  •         Depression is a choice
  •         Depression can simply be cured by positive thinking
  •          Depression happens only to people who are weak
  •         People can easily snap out of depression
  •         Depression happens simply as a result of terrible/sad situation
  •         Depression only happens to women
  •         Depression happens simply as a result of not having a support system
  •         Depression is simply as a result of financial struggle
  •         Depression is as a result of sin
To say that Depression is a choice, sounds as absurd as saying Acromegaly (an excess growth hormone after the growth plate has closed) is a choice. Don’t get me wrong, there are environmental, risk and contributing factors to any disease, however no sane human being consciously makes the choice to be depressed. We know that consuming high amounts of sugar can predispose you to Diabetes type 2, similarly we know that stress, difficult life circumstances or grief can lead to depression among other scientific-proven factors.
The chances of developing certain disease can be reduced by established measures, e.g. washing your hands/fruits/vegetables reduces bacterial infection, this is the same way looking after your mental health and the mental health of others around us can ensure a wholesome health. Below you can find some useful tips nurture your mental health

     Helpful tips to nurture your mental health

    •         Learn to talk about your feelings regularly, this is not a sign of weakness.
    •         Accept who are you. Don’t compare yourself with anybody. You’re unique. Remember comparison is the thief of joy
    •         Care for others. There is significant evidence that shows helping/giving breeds fulfilment
    •          Take a break. Incorporate ‘me-time’ into your schedule regularly
    •          Learn to gather your thoughts every night, by writing them down
    •        Sleep the ‘right’ amount. Sleeping too much and inadequate sleep is bad for your physical and mental health
    •        Pray about everything, every time. For those of us that are Christians, the Bible tells us to pray without ceasing.
    •        Exercise and eat clean. Never ever neglect your physical health. Eat more home-made/organic foods
    •        Keep in touch. Create time to bond with loved ones, don’t neglect people you care about, or people who care about you
    •         Set realistic goals. Develop an ambitious character
    •          Seek help if you need it. A problem shared is a problem half solved

    I really hope this article was useful to someone. If you suspect you're suffering with depression or another mental health, don't be ashamed, you're not alone but strive to seek help, speak to your doctor as soon as possible. Don’t be ignorant towards issues of mental health, it’s not a respecter of persons. Don’t neglect your mental health. But continue to educate yourself and others about mental health issues.
     Thanks for reading guys, this post was written by my darling friend STEPHANIE MBANASO. See y'all in my next post..

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