Sunday, April 30, 2017

So, something terrible happened to me last week. My phone was stolen :( and since then, I have been off Instagram and Snapchat. I'm sure some of y'all  must have noticed that I have been MIA. It has been a sad experience and still don't wanna believe the phone is gone. The most important thing I learnt is to give thanks to God in whatever situation I find myself. Some of y'all might not really understand how deep this is in the sense that I'm talking just about an iPhone so why am I giving thanks right? What if something worse happened? God spared my life and the thief didn't harm me which gives me every reason to be grateful. In other news, I have moved on even though I lost some important information on the phone. I also believe God will provide for a new one.
 After this happened, I have not been motivated to even work on a blog post but finally encouraged myself to do this post.
I remember seeing this sweater and was like girl get it! The appliqués and color attracted me to it. My mind was made up and there was no going back. I've seen a lot of pleated skirts this season and thought of styling this sweater with a silver pleated skirt and fortunately, This was found on ASOS. It was like a dream come true. Kept this look really simple and stayed within the Silver and black theme by wearing black shoes and adding my black bag.

Pictures were taken by My Friend and Photographer of life Michael of UMAPHOTOGRAPHY and he was the same person that took my pictures from this blog post HERE. I love how creative he is with shooting and his ability to see the good in ugly locations hehe..
What are your thoughts on this outfit?
Sweater: Easy Pickins
Skirt: Asos
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Amiclubwear

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  1. Love tge sweater & I like how minimal you kept it... so chic!

  2. Love the skirt and the sweater is so cool. Sorry about your phone.

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