Monday, May 29, 2017

Hello darlings, it's been a while I posted on here! I hope y'all are doing fine. I am currently doing my Surgery posting but started with the orthopedics sub posting and I promise to do another post on that soon.

So, I worked with my friend and photographer Michael of UMAPHOTOGRAPHY to shoot four work style looks which I'll be posting one after the other. I started this work style series while I was a student back in Ukraine and thought why not continue since I am actually working now. Please check out the last one HERE
This look had to come first because this is how I look like most of the time the only difference is that I can switch up outfits and wear a shirt with a skirt or a cooperate gown to work but it's a must to wear flats. I can't even walk round the hospital with heels lol!
This checkered shirt just had to be bought. The material is of good quality and I really love the fact that it's short-sleeve. My flats were love at first sight when I was shopping for work during my last trip. I am really a fan of  H&m, they have amazing pieces.

See y'all in my next post. Thank you for visiting. Cheers!!
Shirt: Forever21
Pants: Oodji
Glasses: GiantVintage
Shoes: H&m

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  1. Hello,

    Nice Pictures. The Shirt and the hair looks amazing on you.
    About the shoes, rarely have i seen a meds on heels ( well maybe in movies) , i guess its bcos you guyz walk around a lot and equally do stand for hours.

    You have an enjoyable sense for fashion.

    Question: Do you have days (in particular) that you publish posts on your blog or random days that come available to you?

    Happy Independence Day!



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