Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It's my birthday!! Another June 13 is here and I just want to use this little space of mine and opportunity to thank God for his faithfulness upon my life.

This time last year, I was still in Ukraine preparing for graduation and I wasn't sure of how coming to Nigeria after Uni was going to be like but just look at God he prepared a way for me even before I got here and since then, he has not left me. Its been wonderful though stressful especially with work but I know this phase is just for a while and this too shall pass so who am I to complain? God has been good to me. I am just a small girl with a Big Big God. There's so much I want God to do for me but all I can ask for today is for God's will concerning my life to be done which I know is the best thing to ask for because it covers everything I need/ will need in this life.
So guys, I am 23 today really getting old lol! This adult life aint easy.
I decided to take some days off from work after my Orthopedics posting  just because I needed to clear my head and couldn't afford to be stressed on my birthday.
 This shoot was planned earlier but due to some unforeseen circumstances, It was postponed just glad it was done finally.
I worked with wonderful people to make this shoot successful. Shoutout to Evelyn of NIGHOZAPPARELS for my amazing dress I mean she worked really hard to attach all the pearls and stones to this dress. A princess themed shoot with a big ball dress was on my mind and i'm glad this came out well. My face was beat by Comfort and you can check her Instagram LACICI. Her work is clean!! Also, shoutout to my photographer Mr Jasper for his patience and clean work too. Check him out on Instagram IBEHJASPERSTUDIOS and finally, shoutout to my immediate younger sister who was there to assist.
Today is that special day of the year where I just have to flood with pictures please understand. I'm also sharing 6 life lessons with you.


 1) Prayer is key: As christians, it's really important to pray and the amazing thing is that God answers prayers although, it might take long but just trust him. God has never failed me.
 2) You are stronger than you think: Truth is you never know how strong you are till you find yourself in that position. Hell yeah! This really has to do with me and work. On some occasions, I just see myself moving out of my comfort zone and I've been able to do things I never expected I could do alone

3) Distance is no barrier to Love / Friendship
4) Always be a solution to peoples problem's: I try as much as possible to help in the little way I can be it financially, materially, physically or prayerfully.
5) Don't ever settle for anything less whether in your relationship, career or anything else, you deserve the best. Keep working hard.
6) Be grateful for what you have: Always give thanks. Its great to have the attitude of thanksgiving it doesn't matter the situation you find yourself or how little you have.

Thank you all for the love so far, I appreciate.

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