Tuesday, October 03, 2017

3 years!! 3 whole years!! omg! I'm really getting emotional as I work on this post.
To start off with, I'm saying a big thank you to all of you who have been with me from the very first time I started out this brand of mine. We've come a really long way and y'all are the real mvps.
My blog started out as prettyfaze.blogspot.com and then I upgraded in 2016 and finally changed to PAGESBYBUKKY which has my name in it. I decided to use my name because this blog is my brand and its going to be a long term thing.

As I entered the month of September this year, I started telling myself October was approaching and I needed to celebrate my blog's birthday because I couldn't last year October as I was preparing for my  Nigerian Licensing exam in Zaria. So, after brainstorming with my darling Friend and one of the sponsors for this 3 years anniversary Tolu, we concluded I do three outfits and y'all know I love to be extra. The next thing I did was to post on my Instagram and twitter that I needed 3 Nigerian brands to collaborate with. The response was amazing and I picked the first three people that reached out to me. I honestly don't know what I've been doing to deserve the love. My instafam are always there to support me. Its amazing how total strangers are always there for me.
In this blog post and from the title, I'll be sharing my journey these past three years with y'all.
Its been an amazing journey I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.
  • I have grown, I'm stronger than I started and may not be where I ought to be now but I'm really grateful for how far I have come.
  •  I remember how and when I started please check my first year anniversary post HERE. I started out without the necessary things like a camera but I kept believing God for one which He eventually provided one for me. Guys I was sad at some point when I started out and that was because people were always talking about me, saying negative things like she's copying someone, she wants to belong and that I wasn't going to last as a blogger but I was determined to never give-up. 
  • I had the opportunity to give a Fashion Talk at a women empowerment program in 2015 as a student in Ukraine
  • I rededicated my blog to God October 2016 because the blog wouldn't be a success without him.
  • My Instagram account was hacked last year I was so sad and lost some followers but guess what guys?? I moved on and its been great so far.
  • I graduated from Uni as a Medical Doctor last year and also passed the licensing exam to practice in Nigeria
  • I moved back to Nigeria after Uni last year, was scared and worried on how I was going to survive, cope and combine my house job with blogging. To be very honest, its not been easy but I've been doing really well I must commend myself. 
  • Blogging these past 3 years has brought me so many opportunities which includes working with over 40 brands, sponsored giveaways, worked on paid posts for some brands, worked with hair companies one of which I'm a brand Ambassador for, got invited to events some which I turned down because of the nature of my work, collaborated with some lovely bloggers and also the opportunity to meet amazing people. I've had lots of online interviews which I have lost count of but I'll share the best one with you.
  • I also worked with 6 International Photographers and 4 Nigerian photographers for blogposts.
  • My health tips, work style and Housemanship series started within these 3 years.
  • My friends have been supportive like theres no need to mention all but I'll mention some because they always give me ideas, encourage me and also watch out for my blog. Shout out to Stephanie, Oge and Tolu. They have also been loyal from day1I started.
  • My mum has also supported. She reads my blog and it means so much to me
  • I have learnt a lot guys some which includes consistency is key to success in whatever you are doing
  • This blog is important to me so I always tell God how I feel, my heart desires concerning this blog because I know He's interested in all that concerns me.
  • I also learnt that in this blogging journey, not everyone will be happy for you, not everyone including your so called friends will read or share your blog posts and the people that will read are strangers so I don't usually expect a lot from my friends to be very honest.
  • Blogging is not easy! its not just about the clothes, shooting & posting pictures or working with brands. There are times you feel you aint doing well, you aint getting lots of views, brands are not contacting you and all that but you just have to keep moving because you have so many people watching and looking up to you secretly. Your passion and consistency will speak for you in the long run.
Shout out to all my sponsors for this project. To be very honest, I actually prepared for a back up plan just incase sponsors don't come through but they surprised me, worked so hard to meet up with the date and I'm glad to be working with them. All I can say is God bless y'all abundantly, may he advertise your businesses to the world and always meet you at the point of your needs. The link to their Instagram pages are at the end of this blogpost be sure to check them out.

Can we just appreciate these photos, the outfits and orange backdrop?? I worked with a British based in Nigeria photographer and I really love his work. We met at a fashion event, he took a picture of me which was dope and I just had to work with him again and there was no perfect time than for this bloggerversary. This was my first time doing a major outfit post in the studio and I must say the pictures turned out amazing. Really appreciate Bob for the great job and his time.  You can check out his Instagram for his amazing work and if you are in need of a photographer in Nigeria & the Uk, don't hesitate to call him he's a professional. By the way guys its his birthday today. Happy Birthday Bob have an amazing day.
I'll be taking 3 different affairs with three points under each affair.
3 Best Best Brands 
  • Barbas & Zacari: They sponsored me with the most expensive wristwatch I currently own
  • Dyhair777: This brand has been so good to me. Always sending me quality, expensive weaves and any choice of mine. Also wore their hair in this post.
  • VirgosLounge: When this brand contacted me last year, It was like a dream and its been one of my best so far. The dress I was sent then cost 190 pounds which is also one of my most expensive pieces till date.3 Things That Have Happened
  • I had the opportunity to attend London Fashion And Design Week in 2015 which was a wonderful experience thanks to one of my fav bloggers who made it happen Metrogypsie. She's one of the most amazing people blogging has brought me.
  • I got featured on FashionBombDaily as one of the bombshells of the day. I'll never forget
  • Finally, I won the Female Fashion Blogger of the Year 2017 Award organized by The Bloggerpoint on the 20th of August although, I was unable to make it for the event and I've not been sent the award would have shared a picture here. This is me using the opportunity to say thank you to everyone that nominated and voted me. God will show up for you.3 Things I hope To Achieve From Blogging
  • To get an all expense paid trip to an International event be it Fashion week or just cover an event
  • To work with my dream/ high end brand in creating a fashion collection named after me
  • To be a Super Duper Influential Blogger who makes enough money from blogging, sponsor people from the money made from blogging, be a source of Inspiration to Ladies and be a Voice for them.
Thank you for visiting I really appreciate it.
Two Piece Ankara: DaViva Fabric designed by my girl TSB
Two Colored Pencil Dress: Houseofloocz
White Two Piece Outfit: NeedleThread
Weaves from DYHAIR777 made into wigs by BISOLA
Photography: BOBDEE BOB_DEE

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  1. Congrats girl! You inspire me.

  2. Congratulations darling!!!πŸ‘‘Keep making us proud!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ I love the white 2 piece outfit😍 Where can I order? ❤️ From Newyork

    1. Thanks baby girl! will ask for you lol buy buy

  3. Congratulations greater height the world is yet to see more of you.my special request on dese day is to do a collaboration with u someday u inspire me πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  4. Congrats Dear.. You have indeed grown and ur blog has also matured in Contents.. I remember the first time I stumbled on ur blog I think 2yrs ago.. I was like wow.. I wonder how she combines it.. but see u now.. U v proven to us all that Worry and Difficulty is a thing of the mind. That anything u set ur mind to, Its achievable.. Cheers to ur 5th Anniversary in a bit.. by then all ur desires for ur blog wud v already been achieved..

    1. Thanks so much Doctor. I really appreciate it. Amen!!

  5. Love how you are so extra with your Anniversaries.. Virgos Lounge though! That’s fabulous, they were the isshh one period, definitely had a good portion of my coins.

    Wish you many more successful years ahead. πŸ’


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