Saturday, October 14, 2017

You should  not underrate the importance of certain pieces in your wardrobe. I did a post on 5 wardrobe essentials sometime ago and you can find it HERE. The only item that didn't make it to that post was a pair of jeans. Wardrobe essentials are the building blocks to functional and solid style
For this post, the two wardrobe staples are my white shirt and jeans.

This was one outfit I planned in my head and my two colored flat mules determined the outcome of this outfit. This white shirt has suffered guys! Ive rocked the hell out of it and I bet y'all didn't notice lol.
Been seeing a lot of head wraps on Instagram and decided try one out with this outfit which was also a way to spice up/ give the outfit a different look but still look simple. Not sure if you really understand the whole idea behind this outfit. This ankara fabric felt like the perfect one when I picked it up and the colors were attractive. Ankara fabrics are beautiful and versatile. If you are not new to my blog, you must have seen ankara pieces styled on my blog. Still surprised on how I tied the head wrap because  I didn't even watch any videos just found myself doing something in front of the mirror lol!
After putting this outfit together, I knew my shoot location had to be something street and I'm glad my photographer worked it out. Finally completed this look with my Kurt Cobain sunglasses I'm currently obsessed with, my grey purse and hoop earrings. Love the whole English-African vibe! By the way, my darling friend Lola got my mules from an online store in Nigeria called SHOPMAJU as a birthday gift. Thanks of visiting guys. Is this ankara head wrap thing something you would try??

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  1. I love head wraps so much, they're the perfect accessory for sprucing up a basic outfit. You look great! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. You should do more head wrap posts, with different styles because I love this.

    1. thanks baby girl. I'll try out more head wraps


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