Saturday, November 04, 2017

Hello darlings what's good? What have y'all been up to? As for me, this past week was hectic! So, I attended Lagos Fashion & Design week as a first timer and I must say it wasn't a bad experience.

Expect a blog post about fashion week. Long time no style post! I'm really sorry its been a while I've just been very busy and always tired let's just blame it on the job. So, my Photographer Michael came into Lagos some weeks back and we decided to shoot.
 Can you remember my oversized denim jacket I styled in this POST? and I mentioned that I'll be styling this piece different ways hence the appearance in this post.
Please, can we just appreciate these pictures and the photographer? I love how creative Michael is and it was his idea to shoot this look in front of a generator house with the aim of making me stand out from the background. Not sure if some of you can relate but if you know about photography, you should get what I'm trying to say. Check out his page HERE.
My pink Zara babies came out to play and I got my glasses from ShopMaju's shopping party they had a while back.
This is a simple outfit but I really love the look and I hope y'all love it too.
Thanks for the constant love guys it means a lot to me. Cheers!

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  1. Say hello to Michael....he did justice to the photo shoot.. In fact,you bombed it... Lol

  2. Love love the fabric of the jacket. Michael can do without all that watermark on the photos too.

    Have a lovely week hon.

    1. Thanks gorgeous! I told him and he's gonna work on it.


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