Monday, November 20, 2017

From the post title, you have an idea what this post is all about.
Hello my lovely readers, I trust y'all are doing fine.
So, I attended LFDW 2017 in October (25th-27th) which happened to be my first fashion week in Africa and my second fashion week ever attended. The first I attended was London Fashion & Design Week in 2014
mixed ankara prints
As a first timer, I had it in mind to plan all my outfits ahead of time in which I did but things didn't just go as planned. From the beginning when the dates were published, it was sure I was going to attend 3 out of 4 days and that was because my work timetable showed my unit was going to be on call the last day. So, I applied for the press pass which was what those that have been attending fashion week advised we newbies do. Unfortunately, I didn't get a pass hmmn! why that happened I really don't know and when I didn't get a response from them, I planned to pay for my tickets reason being that as a fashion blogger who came back to Nigeria, its great to attend fashion shows if I have the opportunity to, appreciate made in Nigeria designers, network with other creatives, take street style photos and coupled with the fact that it was happening in my city Lagos!!! The tickets were 5k per day so I already had my 15k  but guess who came to my rescue?? Olatunde. I met him through my
friend Wumi and he happened to have an extra press pass at the last minute in which I was able to use for that week.
That week was a very stressful one for me as I was working everyday till like 3pm but "You know know far" you can go to make things work when you already set your mind to it. Planned the fashion week with my friend Wumi so we slayed all through and had fun together. Fashion week is not something you should attend alone to be honest.
Ahead of the week, I applied for this Creatives Lounge thing which was designed to be a style haven for content creators to connect, chill and create content during the fashion week. It was strictly by invitation and I was picked. On to the outfits for the day! My plan was to dress for comfort and had it in mind to do more of sneakers/slides/platform shoes. 
For this day, it was certain I was going to wear Ankara design(s) in mixed prints with a beret. I couldn't miss out on that beret thing as it's currently one of those trending pieces. One of the designers I usually work with came through for me as usual. Its always a pleasure working with Evelyn. I had fun on this day, met some of my blogger friends, took enough street style pictures and enjoyed the runway show.
My Favorite designers that day were Titi Belo, Style Temple, Kina Buti and Omilua.
I also made it to Bellanaija top 50 street style looks for the day.
Lagos Fashion Week
Ankara striped skirt and floral top
Was nice seeing Akin Faminu again! He happened to be the first based in Nigeria blogger friend I made and collaborated with.
Also met Tuke Morgan in person. We've done a blog collaboration together before.
Ankara Fashion
Prettyfaze X Akin X Wumi
Planned to wear a Pajamas set which would have been perfect for a street style look but it didn't work out as planned. I did not like the outcome of the outfit so, I had to make do with pieces in my wardrobe. So, I came up with this H&m sleeveless jacket  which was new & my flared pants which I have styled on the blog before. Turned it into a fashion week appropriate and comfortable look by adding my wide brim hat, fur slides and my leopard skin purse.
My favorite designers were Dzyn, Grey, Moofa, Elie Kuame and DNA by Iconic Invanity.
This outfit was also another story lol! I almost cried because it didn't come out the way I expected it to but I'm glad I was still able to pull it off. Rihanna taught me well with that silk scarf and the best part of this outfit for me was my bamboo bag which was attention seeking. And of course, I had to wear my metallic gold brogues from Zara because I just had to dress for comfort! My bamboo bag was sent to me by CILIAJAMESSELECTION you can check her out on Instagram.
My favorite designers this day were Mai Atafo, Lisa Folawiyo, Tokyo James and Orange Culture, Andrea Iyamah & her bridal collection was mad!!
The highlight of the night for me was the Beauty & the Beast Performance by Mai Atafo. It was so amazing!!
The Organizers of this event actually tried as its not easy to organize such but they can always do better. Also loved the fact that there were food vendors around which made it easy for me to get food to eat. Shoutout to all the designers they tried!! its not easy.
 Thats it guys! I know this post is late let's blame it on the job but they say its better late than never.
I met some wonderful photographers too who helped take some of my pictures. Shout out to LEXASHORDINARYANDART234STAR, Wumi and all other photographers that took pictures of me.
Thank you for visiting. See y'all soon. Cheers!!

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