Saturday, December 30, 2017

It's amazing how far we've come this year. Everything happened so fast and we are already counting down to 2018. This is officially my last blog post for the year and also an opportunity to say thank you for everything guys! the love and support has been great despite not being as consistent as I should have due to my job, you guys still come through for me. Thanks to everyone reading my blog and I trust 2018 to be wonderful in terms of consistency and content.

I have been counting my blessings and it made me realize how much God has done for me. If you know me, you must know that I do not take things for granted and it doesn't matter how little it is. Grateful for God's protection, mercy and provision upon my family. A lot has happened this year and the most important to me is the fact I started my house job in February and i'm already counting down to the end.
Really not here to bore y'all but cultivating a Heart of gratitude will open your life to more blessings and I want to encourage someone here, it doesn't matter if 2017 wasn't in your favor, you still have every reason to be thankful and get ready for 2018.

Back to the main reason for this post the outfit! y'all remember my collaboration with Jumia, this top and earrings were saved for the last as this happens to be my favorite of all the pieces in collaboration with them.
My love for anything stripes is real and when I saw this top in pink and white stripes, the style and coupled with the way it looked on the model, I was convinced to get this top. Y'all must know by now that Bukky loves anything off shoulder which is the perfect opportunity to show my sexy collarbones hehe!
My Mom jeans which I got from my friends thrift store came out to play and I love it because of the quality, the fitting and most importantly because it's highwaisted. Check her store HERE.
Special shoutout to Seun for all the amazing pictures he shot of me in collaboration with JUMIA. Check out his Instagram page HERE.
 Cheers and see y'all in 2018.

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