Sunday, February 04, 2018

Hello my darlings, happy new week and welcome back to my blog. To start off with, I really want to thank y'all for the love on my last blog post.
The love was massive guys, I got featured on some Instagram pages and the highlight for me was my feature on Bellanaija, made it to one their favorite styles of the week whoop! whoop! Incase you missed my last post, please check it out HERE.
Today's outfit is all about styling monochrome with a pop of color. You can never go wrong with a combination of black and white and if you are not new to my blog, you must have seen posts where I styled black and white. You can check some of those looks HEREHEREHEREHERE
Wearing black and white could be boring sometimes so its okay to add a pop of color be it in accessories or adding a jacket/blazer like I did. For this look, I decided to add my army green jacket just to spice things up. 
Another thing I really love about my outfit is my oversized pants also known as baggy pants. It's an unusual fashion staple. Switch up your pants game by adding baggy pants to your wardrobe at least not every time skinny pants and mainstream trousers. Oversized pieces are a yes for me because I love how they look on me and most importantly the comfort that comes with it. This pant was love at first sight, it's been over a year I purchased it from one of my fav stores H&M and I'm glad I finally styled it. This was an easy one to pull off.
Check out my half framed glasses which was gifted to me by a lovely lady who runs an Online store on Instagram. She also gifted me a beautiful bag which I can't wait to show you guys.Please check out her page ALLTHINGSCHIC for beautiful and affordable female pieces.
Photography by the one and only Portrait Assassin ZIMMANI please check out his Instagram page too. Thanks for visiting and see y'all in my next post. Cheers!!

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  1. Love this look! Giving me vintage vibes too cool
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

  2. Stunning outfit!!

  3. Damn girl..This is absolutely stunning..I love love love it!

  4. Nice blogging style,i love ������.pls do check out mine too am new into blogging.

  5. Really chic, absolutely love it...where did you get the jacket from if you don't mind my asking

    1. thanks dear. I cant remember the particular store but was in ukraine.

  6. lovely style.. this attire goes best with hoop earrings .. aint't it ??;)


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